A Life full of Rituals

Rituals are not and can’t be redundant. They are an essential part of one’s life. In fact, for most of us, rituals are a way of life, a means to sustain ourselves – in good as well as bad times.
Rituals, according to Philips Adams, are a means of reassurance. “To many people, holidays are not voyages of discovery but a ritual of reassurance.”
Rituals cement ties between family members, people in a society and so on. Even if it is taken as an excuse to befool yourself, associating yourself with rituals could mean strengthening the bonds of friendship.
You may question what is there in lightening a lamp? It signifies an attempt to seek awareness; and in the process one who participates in a lighting ceremony is united with the rest of the participants. A spiritual bondage is established, and one emerges blessed and happier.
Rituals remind us of reality of our existence and nature of our true self. That keeps us rooted and helps us become better human beings.
Rituals can be of religious nature or of non-religious nature. For the writer, for example, reading with complete devotion is a ritual. Nothing else gives him more satisfaction. That way one can say that any activity one indulges in regularly as a routine that ‘uplifts’ one’s spirit is a ritual.
And it is not a matter of just belief and faith. There is a practical and scientific aspect as well. It sends positive vibes and one’s mind and physique responds in more productive and useful ways.
Those who discard rituals are yet to understand the ways of life. One can only pray, “God give them too the wisdom to realize it.”

Writer – PP Wangchuk  Source – Inner Voice, Hindustan Times


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