In the name of Future

Its a simple story again from my childhood, a very popular, but encouraging and has been lost as we grow from our childhood to our young age. This is a simple story of a very old Gardner, from the times when king used to rule the territories. This old gardner used to take care of the plants and plant one tree daily into his land.

One day, the king on this royal chariot goes out and watch this old Gardner working very hard in the shiny sun. The king stops there  to get some water and the Gardner, thinking of its duty serves the  king with water and the fruits from his garden. After a full good apetite, king ask the Gardner, why he plant new trees in-spite it has too many trees in his garden and go for a nice living without too much efforts.

Gardner gives a very gentle reply. He tells, when I was small, my grandfather and father used to plant new trees in order that when these trees will grow up, it will be used to serve it for me and my child in the future and I am following the same tradition. When my grand child will get bigger, they used to enjoy the same privilege, what I was enjoying now, given by my fore-fathers.

The story is very simple, it shows a  very important message to the present generation…What we will left for our future generation, when we die. We have already enjoyed a very good privileges from what our ancestors has been left for us….fresh air, trees, lands to cultivate, a healthy environment, but the question is are we doing the same for our future and passing our culture to them.

The mentioned story teach us to left a good privilege for the generations to come, its a thought, which meant to give the same to our future, when we already enjoyed and lost it, because we haven’t reap the same on time. Through this, its a message to deliver that its the time, when we have to take decisions and plant new trees, so that our future will understand the lost culture and maintain the same for their future, so the cycle continues.Writer — Vibhore Goel

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  1. Vishal
    Feb 27, 2012 @ 21:46:37

    We need to hear this story more often to get our lives in order.

    Delayed gratification has made way for instant gratification which is not a very pleasing sign. Regardless, this will remain an evergreen story.


    • Vibhore Goel
      Feb 28, 2012 @ 09:45:15

      Thanks for the reply vishal.

      I am not sure what exactly what you want to say, but I believe, whenever we start thinking, its a new step. Not just listening or reading to others is good, but follow what our conscience say, is the first step to change.


  2. elixir_of_life
    Feb 28, 2012 @ 16:21:47

    The story is short and simple and is very much relevant to the present times when we are indiscriminately exploiting the natural resources turning the planet into a rubble .We need herculean efforts to replenish these resources . I picture this story truly in the spirit of what Dr.Harlem Brundtland coined as “Sustainable Development”. Wisdom and pragmatism in sync.


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