Let’s Play The Game Of Love

This is the best article I have read about Love, do read it twice and you definitely have a different picture of Love in-front of  you.

How can I know that a woman loves me in reality, and is not playing games?

This is difficult! Nobody has ever been able to know it because, love is a game. That is its reality! So if you are waiting, watching, thinking and analyzing whether the woman is just playing a game, you will never be able to love any woman because love is a game, the supreme-most game.

Why ask for it to be real? Play the game! That’s its reality. And if you are too much of a seeker for reality, then love is not for you. It is a dream! It is a fantasy. It is fiction, romance, it is poetry. If you are too much of a seeker for reality, obsessed with reality, then, love is not for you; then you meditate.

There is no way to judge. We are such strangers and our meeting is just accidental. Suddenly we have come across each other, not knowing who we are, not knowing who the other is. Two strangers meeting on a road, feeling alone, hold each others hands and think they are in love. They are in need of the other, certainly, but is this love?

People feel lonely; they need somebody to fill their loneliness. They call it love. They show love because that is the only way to hook the other. The other also calls it love because that is the only way to hook you. But who knows whether there is love or not Real love happens only when you don’t need anybody; that’s the difficulty.

That’s how banks function. If you go to a bank and you need money, they will not give you any. If you don’t need money, you have enough, they will come to you and they will always be ready to give you.

When you don’t need a person at all, when you are totally sufficient unto yourself, when you can be alone and tremendously happy and ecstatic, then love is possible. But even then you cannot be certain whether the others love is real or not.

You can be certain about only one thing: whether your love is real. How can you be certain about the other? But there is no need for this constant anxiety. If you agonize over whether the others love is real or not it shows that your love is not real.

Why be worried about it? Enjoy it while it lasts! Be together while you can be together. You need fiction. Nietzsche said man is such that he cannot live without lies, he cannot live with truth. Lies, in a subtle way, lubricate your system. You both are trying to use each other as a means.

Don’t create anxiety. And try to become more and more awake. One day when you are really awake you will be able to love but then you will be certain about your love only. But that’s enough! Because right now you want to use others. When you are really blissful on your own, you don’t want to use anybody. You simply want to share. You have so much, you are overflowing, you would like somebody to share it. And you will feel thankful that somebody was ready to receive.

Written by – Osho Source – Speakingtree.in


9 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Maxi
    Apr 12, 2012 @ 17:36:33

    I’m one who believes there must be friendship before love. Blessings – Maxi


  2. magicwingsvibha
    Apr 13, 2012 @ 12:10:33

    Love is care.. self-less care..
    Your Mom does it for you, your brother does it for you, your best friend does it for you, not because they may gain anything out of it but simply because their happiness is in your..
    Where you don’t look for any benefits and you don’t do it for your sake..
    You do it because the person has an important place in your life..


  3. myblog1962
    Apr 13, 2012 @ 19:48:04

    Well in my opinion its unconditional love is rare….so as long as two ppl have d ryt chemistry nd compatibility nd longing fr each other its ok ….


  4. Meera
    Apr 13, 2012 @ 22:13:17

    Yes, real love happens when you don’t need anybody- but then love as we know it appeals to us because we are looking for something… interesting contradiction eh?


  5. Rajnish
    Apr 14, 2012 @ 12:20:36

    love is all about care…


  6. Rahul Aggarwal
    Apr 14, 2012 @ 14:32:57

    you can love someone only when you love yourself…fill yourself with so much love that it overflows from you to others!


  7. RP Dental Center (@RP_Smiles)
    May 29, 2012 @ 12:39:35

    Love is not selfish.”Why be worried about it? Enjoy it while it lasts! Be together while you can be together”. a very good advice. did this come from experience?


  8. Victor Musa
    Nov 27, 2012 @ 11:06:25

    You can only truely love another when U love God. Because only God is love nd when U have Him, He will teach U how to love others.


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    Mar 24, 2014 @ 11:59:05

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