The Tale of Marbles and Sweets

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Expiry Date

Most of my thoughts were rummaging that what I had to do to swirl my life to be happy. Whatever I did is my past and is truly and deeply not in my favor. Things which happened in my life were totally different than the way I wanted them to take place. This was the sole reasons which kept me apart and lead me to try new things but a weird nest of fear was building inside me and was making me weaker day by day.

My incapability to bring my life on track echoed in my head till the time I got a voice from my mom. She was in kitchen, cooking food for me. She is a woman who has killing smile, great cooking skills and is big at heart, I have ever seen. I can’t even imagine living without her. I don’t think you can get the kind of love a mom can offer even if you put whatever you have on stake. Hope all of you are agree with me here.

She is diabetic patient so she has to take medicine on daily basis to stay fit. As her stock was over she called me up to bring medicine from the nearest medical store. I was in my room thinking over what I had to do so that smile stayed over my face every time.

With this thought in my head I went to the chemist, I asked him for the medicine with sad voice which I was looking for. I paid the money as he handed me a packet of it. While checking the expiry date a thought knocked my mind. I asked myself that do I have an expiry date. Did my manufacturer put it on me?

As per my understanding if we all have manufacturing date which we celebrate as birthday that means we all have expiry date too. But we are not familiar with it. We don’t have advantage like medicine which knows its last date. We never know when we are going to be expired. May be today is our last day and we won’t be able to see tomorrow’s sunrise. I don’t want to be sad on my last day. Now, I have a motive I want to die knowing that somebody loved me. Smile rose on my lips whenever I thought about my motto of life and you will be happy to know that it is right there on my lips from that day to till date.

So, before you meet with your expiry date go ahead and tell whom you loved and care, that they mean a lot to you and thank them for being a part of your life and hug them, if possible. If you aren’t able to tell them, text an SMS to them if. I wish it should reach them just like it is reaching to me. You only have to do your part. Rests leave it on God. It can make you feel special and can be memorable. It can help you to grow and bloom a flower called happiness once you accept that you have planted it at the right place and then miracle will happen, people get to know you not by your looks and money but by the way you smile, adore and love them.

Writer — Bharat Chugh

Nature of Things

Long ago in China two monks were sitting by the stream and washing vessels.

One monk noticed a scorpion fall into the river and struggle. So he picked it up and put it on the banks so that it could move to safety.

As he did so the scorpion stung him in the hand.

A few minutes later, it crawled into the waters again.

The monk put it back on the banks once again. And yet again it stung the monk.

“Why do you want to save the scorpion when you know it’s his nature to sting?” asked the other monk.

“Because it’s my nature to save,” said the monk.

Notes: While it’s true that inherent bad nature can’t be changed easily, you shouldn’t forget that you must relentlessly pursue your own goodness. Ultimately the rewards will come. The evil will realize the futility of being evil. It will know the power and peace of goodness. It will change.

Source – eBook 51 Short Motivational Stories from Zen, Buddha and Ancient Tales.

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The Brahmin who abused the Buddha

One day the rich Brahmin Bharadvaja invited the Buddha to his home for lunch.

When the Buddha arrived, Brahmin Bharadvaja instead of welcoming Buddha hurled abuses at him.

The Buddha listened quietly.

When Brahmin Bharadvaja stopped his abuses, Buddha asked, “Brahmin Bharadvaja, what do you do when guests come to your home?”

“I offer them alms and food,” replied the Brahmin.

“And what do you do when the guest refuses to receive the alms?” asked Buddha.

“We gladly partake that ourselves,” replied Brahmin Bharadvaja.

“Then I’m refusing to take the alms you just gave me. Please take them back, they belong to you,” said the Buddha.

Notes: Always give others what you’d gladly receive. The power of wealth often makes one heady and leads to a downfall. Beware of that. And treat others with humility and respect.

Source – eBook 51 Short Motivational Stories from Zen, Buddha and Ancient Tales.

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The Funeral of my Rose

You will find as you look back upon your life, that the moments when you have truly lived, are the moments when you have done things in the spirit of love. ~ Henry Drummond

A Boy was lying in his room in a cold winter. Only two sounds were audible in his room one tickling sound of clock which was hung over the blue painted wall and second was his heart-beat. He was trying to control his heart-beat because a girl was laying on his chest and she was in her deep slumber. Her right hand clung in boy’s neck and left was resting on his shoulder. Both bodies were half covered with quilt and half naked. Girl’s foot thumb scorching the boy’s leg and her hand’s nail were digging hardly and slowly in boy’s shoulder. The pain was unbearable. Boy want to shout but not able to do so as he didn’t want to awake the girl. He was staring at girl’s hair which scattered all around boy’s chest and abruptly noticed the head-lines of girl’s forehead which went deeper with every tickling sound of clock. Lines were quite clear in dim light of the room. He gently folded his arms around the girl and hugged her as gently as he could. Her head-lines went lighter and her nails loosened its grip after due course of time. He planted a wet kiss on girl’s forehead to let her realize that he was around and do whatever possible to comfort her.

Suddenly alarm clock clicked and boy woke up because clock showed time 8.30 a.m. He left his bed with a smiling face as he was dreaming the same dream for the last 4 years. The dream which was his life, which gave him strength to fight against the world, which gave him light to enlighten the dark. His only aim in life to make this dream comes true. As the time passed away, his love for the dream was turning into lust.

The Boy was on his way to board a local train. He stopped at the flower shop and started to search a rose which helped him to utter unspeakable words which were deep within. Finally his search ended, his eyes got the one which he was seeking. He picked up and paid to the owner. On his way he tugged the rose’s stick carefully under his shirt’s calf and gently held the ROSE in hands and created a protective shield with the help of his palms around the ROSE petals. He smiled and started to walk toward the station.

A girl was already waiting for him at the crowded station. Abruptly boy entered, first their eyes met and then both of them raised their hands in the air to let each other know their presence at the station and then smiles came on both faces and their foot automatically headed towards to each other.

Boy headed towards girl, stood near as possible as he could, said “Hi, How are you”, his both hands were on his back clutched together to hide the ROSE which he bought on his way. Boy’s hands sensing the warmth of the rose as and when the petals of the rose touched his palms.

The girl reciprocated the same in same manner and started to blabber her how her weekend passed away.

When she was letting him her schedule the boy in his thought and confronting with himself how she react when he gave her ROSE which was lying protectively in between his palms. Will she smile? What she think about him then after? Is it right moment to give to her? Is she like it? What I would say if she asks me for what reason I’m giving it to her?

Finally train came at the station both boarded the train and stood beside the broken window. Now it moved. The breeze played its role and her uncombed and untrimmed hair, in front of a pair of expecting eyes which increased his heartbeat. He was busy in staring her gestures, he felt dumb in front of her. Everything around him went slowly. He want to pause the part of moment but unable to do so.

Suddenly girl asked to him “How’s your weekend?
Boy abruptly returned in reality and his tongue collects some courage to give her answer. He almost stammered and answered. “It was same as just like I spent my other weekend”. He went again to fight which was held between his soul and his heart and cursed himself why words started to fumble from his mouth whenever his turn to speak.

Suddenly train stopped at station with screeching sound and came to halt. The girl lost her balance little bit and her hands mistakenly touched the boy’s chest to get her balance again where she was standing. Their eyes met and then smiles came on both the faces which mesmerized and force both of them to look at a different direction until their smile turned into smirk. An electric fire went through the boy which not only loosened every mussel but also increased his heart-beat. One petal of the ROSE left the place where it was earlier and touched the earth. He noticed and hides the same with the help of his right foot.

As the train was moving, boy collected his courage and asked “Do you like ROSES?” his face was red that moment. Every word was coming very slowly from his mouth.

The girl replied, “NO, roses cause allergy to me”.
The boy crushed the ROSE with his palms. The same palms few minutes before which were very protective, which took care of it, which were selected among the Roses, which was going to help him to let her know thousands of unspeakable words.

Their train reached the station both were ready to leave. Girl took the right way and boy took the left because as destiny had already decided their way. Boy decided to look at the way girl went until she vanished in the crowd. A wind touched the girl’s hair and she turned back. ‘Bye’ in the form of smiles exchanged once again. The boy kept looking as her figure gradually got lost behind the turn of the stairs… He sat down near the bench and then he looked at the petals of ROSES which were crushed very badly. He was staring and thinking what to do with them.

Then he started to draw a circle on earth with the help of his right foot and staring continuously the line of circle which he draws. He closed his eyes and talking to deep silence within. An announcement at the station reverie him in reality and he kept the petals of the ROSE in upper pocket of his jacket. And then he smiled at himself, scratching the back of his head and sighed, ‘Gosh!’

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Writer – Bharat Chugh

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